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Stacy Marie is a songwriter and worship leader whose heart is to record her music and share it worldwide, to minister to God's people through the gift He has given her and to set the captives free. She writes from her own life's experiences, thus her songs are personal, genuine, relevant, and captivating. Her lyrics are real and her music is unforgettable. Every song that Stacy writes has a purpose and a clear message. She writes sermons through songs.  While having a sound that is uniquely her own, Stacy has been compared to contemporary Christian songwriters such as Keith Green, Cindy Morgan, and Nichole Nordeman—for her unforgettable music, bold lyrics and passionate piano playing; as well as Twila Paris, Michelle Tumes, and Rebekah St. James—for her beautiful voice and unique style. The music Stacy creates proclaims truth that pricks the heart, thus inspiring, liberating, and challenging the listeners in their walk with the Lord. She is thrilled to share her music with you, and with humbleness and gratitude requests that you please prayerfully consider how the Lord might use you to help spread His eternal message through her songs. Thanks so much for listening!


Music in the MakingMusic in the Making
All songs written and performed by Stacy Marie. All Rights Reserved.
  1. Chuwl - Lyrics | Chords
  2. I Love You Still - Lyrics | Chords
  3. Pulling Away - Lyrics | Chords
  4. Empty - Lyrics | Chords
  5. Leaving it All Behind - Lyrics | Chords
    6.   Holy Sound - Lyrics | Chords
    7.   He Came To Me - Lyrics | Chords
    8.   Evening Reverie
    9.   Sarodian Groove


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In 2001, Stacy Marie released her debut album, My Best Friend. The CD was created for her wedding, and reflects her passionate love for her Savior, her husband, and her family. Below are excerpts of the heartfelt music in Media Player.

best-friend-small.jpgMy Best Friend
All songs written and performed by Stacy Marie. All Rights Reserved.
  1. Second Birth - Lyrics | Chords
  2. Daddy's Touch - Lyrics | Chords
  3. The One - Lyrics | Chords
  4. Show Me the Way - Lyrics | Chords
  5. I Choose Us - Lyrics | Chords
  6. You'll Be My Home - Lyrics | Chords
  7. My Best Friend - Lyrics | Chords
  8. Passion - Lyrics | Chords
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