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I Am On A Journey (by Stacy Walker)

I am on a journey
Of being full of Light
Eye becoming single
Growing in my sight 

As a newborn baby
Cannot fully discern
So as I am born above
There is much to learn

I have so far to go
Yet hidden deep inside
I contain a mystery— yes!
I am filled with Christ

Constantly becoming
Baptized in His Name
Glory to glory  Faith to faith
I am being changed

Member of His Body
And even individually
God's spiritual genetics
Are fully within me

All of His potential
I will realize
Partaking of the powers of
The age to come in time

I am born of Heaven  
I am born again
I'm a new creation  
I am free from sin

I am of His being  
I am now His home
And I will sit with Him one day
Upon His glorious Throne

© June 27, 2006 ~ Stacy Marie Trammell Walker


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