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Fear The Foe Is Finished (by Stacy Walker)

I will not be afraid
I will be an overcomer
I will not choose to so easily give in to the twisted comfort in the familiar feeling of being scared and unsure
   Drifting in solitude toward a seemingly untouchable goal
My only hope is sure and unshakable

Fear will not be my friend
But it shall befriend me to the extent that an angry ocean teaches one to swim
I am becoming a champion swimmer

Fear is so familiar
In this I do not boast as one brags of knowing someone famous…   infamous in this case
I am not proud that it has marked me and become an accepted fixture in my life
But I do rejoice that after escaping the intricate web of this formidable foe I am confident it is conquered
"You have no power over me"
The maze in my mind is now mastered
Only to the extent that I fear you do you have access into my domain
Hear me roar it aloud  :  Access Denied!!!

I will set sail fearlessly through your furious storms and ride your waves all the way home

You will not hold me back

You will not hold me down    

This ship will not be sunk       

The name that is worn on the helm of my heart is "Everlasting Love"
    This is your utter demise
Love conquers all, and that includes you, you deceptive brute

The Light is shining

The darkness exposed   

The shackles shattered  

And I soar to freedom as my ship is given wings to fly    

The children are coming  
    They're gonna get you
Intolerant of your torment any longer they come with righteous anger bearing love as their weapon
Behold the image of their Father…   your deepest dread
His name is Love…   your greatest enemy

You will not rule my decisions, my feelings, or my life
     I will not avoid you
          I will fight you
               I will walk right through you
You will not inhibit me
I will inhibit you
You were assigned to me
But now I am assigned to you
You shall be destroyed in my life
And in the lives of my fellow sojourner sailors

For I am an overcomer and I am not afraid

© June 9, 2000 ~ Stacy Marie Trammell (Walker)


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