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Me, Myself, and You (and Them) (by Stacy Walker)

I've lived my life in pieces for oh so many years
Wearing all my faces and masking all my fears

All the different fragments made me who I was
But no one ever got a glimpse of all of me because

I was often hiding behind what they desired
Fear of man persuaded me… does that make me a liar?

I can act according to what I think is my part
Once I have discerned what they are wanting in their heart

I have seen that I've a fear revealing all my aspects
For though I am one person still I have so many facets

Some know me through kindnesses and others by my wrongs
Some relate through all my speech and others through my song

Some remember what I've done and others what I've dreamed
Some tell me what I should do and all that they have schemed

It's not about the genius or performing all my tricks
Making an impression seems to only make me sick

For now I know You love me as I am not as I do
And as my pieces fit together I'm made whole anew

I'm free to be all of me (You love me like that)
You are not just settling (You love me like that)
No obligations (You love me like that)
Total acceptance (You love me like that)

It all comes down to these things: Vulnerability,
Fear of rejection… what would people think?

How would this affect them?  Would I make them fall?
I'd hate to be responsible for one to miss the call

But it is such a burden and a weight within my soul
To feel that I have no one who accepts me as a whole

And then I am reminded that You died for ALL of me
Before I've even done it, it has already been seen

You are not requesting just a piece of all my mess
You are wanting everything, so to You I confess…

The me at school  The me at work   The me with You   The me on earth
The me by day   The me by night   I know it's time to simplify

The me at home   The me that fares   The me at church   The me out there
The me that thanks and yet complains… Are these double-minded ways?

The me that leads   The me that follows   The me that's glad and full of sorrow
The me in love   The me that hates…  I feel there's too much on my plate

The me that crawls   The me that flies   The me alive   The me that dies
The me that dances and that sings… Why can't I be everything?

The me with her   The me with him   The me with You   The me with them
I wonder if there'll ever be someone who will love all of me

Will I ever find a friend as good to me as You have been?

© May 31, 2003 ~ Stacy Marie Trammell Walker


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