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The Day The Call The Choice (by Larry Trammell)

The Day is coming (It is now at hand)

when all will fail that was made by man

His hopes, his dreams, his deep desires,

shall be consumed within God's fires.


With vengeance keen (He won't relent),

the Lord's great judgments will be sent,

to burst upon the careless ones

who do not seek the Lord God's Son.


Yes, soon, though most refuse to hear,

the Day shall come and all shall fear

before the righteous searching eye

of Yeshua Who reigns on high.


Seek not, therefore, the erthly things

that only briefly, pleasure bring,

but seek the lasting, unseen goal--

let this pursuit consume your soul.


For God, the hearts of men, does test

and longs that they would seek His best--

turning from their selfishness

to seek Him and His Righteousness.


Let not, therefore, your heart grow cold,

nor be conformed by this world's mold.

Instead, pursue the Lord with love

and set your heart on things above.


For purer life than what we've seen

shall soon come forth through vessels clean,

who earnestly God's word apply;

who take their cross and daily die...


The call has come, the way is clear.

Will we obey or refuse to hear?

Will we pass the test and be able to stand

in the presence of the Son of Man?


Or will we, as most in the past,

cling to the things that will not last?

Our choice creation groans to see--

Will God be pleased with you and me?


© ~ Larry Trammell


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