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This Is The Hour (by Larry Trammell)

This is the hour of conflict,

and only only what's of God will stand.

The forces of darkness, in fear will be scattered,

and all will fail that is of man.


This is the hour of fulfillment

of all that the prophets have said.

And soon we will see a strong body, complete,

with Jesus alone as its Head.


This is the hour of quickening

our pace in pursuit of our quest

to know the Lord intimately in His fullness,

and to always walk in His best.


For this is the hour of darkness

and this is the hour of light

And there shall be clear separation between

all that's wrong and of all that is right.


So, choose the path of the Master,

Who's called us to walk in His ways.

And we shall be free and walk victoriously

if we will obey all that He says.


Be done with sin, pride and vainglory,

and lay hold of Jesus our life.

For, we will be blest, if in Him we do rest,

and turn from selfishness and all strife.


Lay aside chains of tradition

and all of the thinking of men.

To those who believe, they shall surely receive

complete victory over all sin.


So, saints of God, put on His armor

of holiness, truth, and of light.

Lift up the sword- the word of the Lord-

and thus scatter the forces of night.


Awake and come forth, mighty warriors

and lift up the name of God's Son!

And the nations will hear, and then they shall all fear

in the knowledge of the Holy One.


Yes, saints arise in your places,

and let God arise from within.

Then darness will flee and creation will see

the One Who alone can free from sin.


For Jesus, our Lord and our Captain,

is prepared and is armed for the war.

And His army He'll always lead triumphantly,

until death has died and is no more.


Lift up your voice with jubilation,

declaring the praises of God,

Who has called us to inherit glory through grace

and the righteousness of His dear Son.


Oh sing to the Lord God a new song!

Sing to the Lord, all the earth!

Sing to the Lord a new song and proclaim to all

His love and unequaled worth!


Come worship the King of the ages.

Yes, worship the Lord God alone.

And soon it shall be, through His church fit and clean,

God's Son's own life shall surely be shown...


For this is the hour of Jesus,

when in power He shall be revealed.

Yet, before every eye sees Him break through the sky,

He'll be seen in those who do His will.


© January 1, 1989 ~ Larry Trammell


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