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The Seed (by Stacy Walker)

More than water
More than flesh
Something higher
Something further

Something beyond
Of the Spirit
Deepest work

Something's growing and becoming
Kingdom of God like a seed
You cannot see it, yet it grows
It rises and it does increase

Something greater than a symbol
Now behold reality
Now perceive what was foreshadowed
Now partake of the completion 

No more shadows— all revealed
The picture now has been fulfilled
Through One Person all the types
Are fully met in Jesus Christ

A picture merely represents
An aspect of reality
Once the symbol is fulfilled
Why to pictures would we cling?

Would we not cling to the One
That all the pictures signified?
Whom all the prophecies did point?
Which is it we glorify?

We cleave to rituals and ways
And revelation from old days
When what we need is Daily Bread
And not a form that now is dead

For there is more than what we've seen
And God calls us to greater things
Building on the Cornerstone
And not man's ways that we have known

You must let go to move beyond
The room where you are presently
Called unto the Spacious Place
You can't confine eternity

Discern the Body of the Lord
Is more than wafer more than wine
We are called to love His members
With our brethren on Him dine

To feast upon the Bread of Life
To be immersed into His Name
To eat and grow and eat some more
And not return to the before

Mortal genealogy
No longer of significance
The earthly roots cannot be found
All was severed at the cross

The last Adam   The Firstborn
Of many brethren from the dead
All has ended   All accomplished
All is finished as He said

There is now the new creation
Priests and kings of resurrection
Hid in Him beyond the veil
There is One true Israel

The Risen Everliving One
He is the Israel of God
Jerusalem above is free
Mother to those who believe

In creation there is placed
Lessons of eternal ways
Hidden there by Divine Order
Pointing us to deeper truth

In the womb I was conceived
I was nourished and I grew
Soon then birthed into this world
Forsaking all the life I knew

All support was cut away
Umbilical placenta gone
I was my own entity
Breathing in new atmosphere

Likewise I am born again
Growing up into the One
Clinging not to former ways
Letting go just like a seed

As it grows the hull is shed
Life breaks forth up from the dead
Taking on new shape and form
Reaching past what was before

Not contained by where it was
Longing not for childish things
Pushing through to brand new vistas
Being birthed into God's fullness

Seed of God the Holy Ghost
Filling me with Heaven's Host
Revealer of the Mystery
The Mystery of Christ in me

I am pregnant with Your Word
With Your nature by Your Seed
Growing into Who You are
I find my true identity

Holy precious Promised One
Who seeks to glorify the Son
The Spirit of the Trinity
Dwelling deeply within me

Gift of God and Wind of Heaven
Spirit in the Living Temple
He Who searches out the depths
Deposit of what is to come

Holy Spirit a Deposit?
Then tell me what the fullness is
Glory!  Our inheritance
Is everything that Jesus is

I am fastened to the One
Who has no sin and no disease
Who conquered hell and even death
Who gives me everlasting breath

Holy glorious fellowship
Members of the only Body
Flesh of flesh bone of His bone
Who sit with Him upon His Throne

There is One Who does possess
Eternal immortality
Thus those who are found in Him
All that's His fully receive

The powers of the age to come
Now at work inside of me
Why would I cling to the milk
When meat is being offered me?

Eternal ways I now embrace
The former world cannot be traced
A heritage that can't be found
The Order of Melchizedek

Eternal priest and child of God
Why would I bother with this sod?
I am One with Him Who's free
And have received His Holy Seed

I don't despise from whence I came
For there's a place for being young
But to that youth I do not cling
Or stop at elementary things

For surely I was born to grow
To move and thrive and fully know
I was conceived to be delivered
To be born not of flesh but Spirit

For flesh and blood cannot inherit
The endless Kingdom of our God
The world that cannot be contained
By immature or carnal ways

Deep is calling unto deep
All creation groans and weeps
Crying out for God's true sons
Within the earth to be made known

So with groanings we do wait
And know that God is never late
For all His life is placed inside
And in due time it shall arise

Something's growing and becoming
All that it was meant to be
Fullness of the Inheritance
All contained within the Seed

© December 23, 2006 ~ Stacy Marie Trammell Walker


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