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In Dream You Came (by Stacy Walker)

In a dream you came today
Clothed in light your spirit was
As young as I can recall with
Wisdom far beyond your years

How I've longed to see your face
To feel the warmth of your embrace
And you were sleeping peacefully
As if you never left at all

But left you had and gone you are
Yet in the dream you had returned
Come from Heaven man of faith
Resurrected from the grave

Questions that I longed to ask
Many things I yearned to know
What did you see? What did you learn?
But most of all to hold you close

I did not dare disturb your sleep
I thought you needed much, to last
I did not want this time to end
For you to slip right through my grasp

As you slumbered strength you gained
And I saw you as so fragile
So I let you rest in peace
Deep in sleep so you could linger

As you laid there on the couch
Resting I was watching you
Awaiting your awakening
Then she came and licked your face

Glad that it was not my doing
Glad that it had happened still
With a mission full of glee
Our pup of love Missy Marie

She came pouncing  She came bounding
Ceaselessly upon your brow
With a tongue that never tires
Greeted you with loving kisses

Then it happened in that moment
That which I was watching for
Your smile came forth across your face
Your eyes were opened up like doors

Then I heard a precious sound
A song so rare it can't be found
Save one place in all creation
To my ears a celebration

What I heard can only come
From you because it's yours alone
To my delight your mind was stirred
And then you uttered your first words

The precious sound I longed to hear
Was your voice I'd missed so dear
I heard your laugh that sweet vibration
Spoken words that you had chosen

Words, your words, your very own
A true expression of your soul
Of your thoughts  Of your heart
Your very essence made known

Awake  Awake  At last awake
There to share your waking moment
I was there right by your side
Saw you sleeping  Saw you rise

O precious moment when you stirred
I heard your voice  Your very words
Thrilled to see you so alive
Wanting you to never die

The bliss of sweet acknowledgement
For you to know that I was there
For me to know you really knew
And glad that I was there with you

I wanted so to give you love
To feel your touch lost in your hug
To cherish every breath you took
To come to you and never leave

To get lost in your smell again
Together as in days gone by
To look into each other's eyes
To call you by your name again

Daddy, Daddy,  precious name
Sweetness rolling off my tongue
Rightful name belongs to you
No one else can take your place

What a blessed reassurance
Comfort speaking not in vain
Knowing that you could respond
When I called you by your name

Having "Daddy" on my lips
Such expression I had missed
Longing to communicate
To speak and you reciprocate

Your name healing to my soul
Without you I am not whole
In warmth your love envelopes me
And I rejoice to hear you speak

"Daddy, Daddy,  Daddy's here
I have to go and be with him"
I spoke to someone who had phoned
"Mom and Cliff are here as well"

I hope that they will understand
I don't love them any less
It's just that Dad has been away
And it's him I have to see

And I got to be with you
The simple pleasures of existing
Side by side with one you love
Savoring the moment sacred

So you stayed with us awhile
How much time I don't recall
I dared not waste a single second
Thinking of all else but you

You were different  So secure
Light was glowing inwardly
Many things that you had learned
Many things that you had seen

What I wondered had you seen
While dwelling in eternity
What paths you walked  What vision keen
What journeys in the things unseen

Many questions to be asked
All before it was too late
I'd hoped you would not leave again
But had the thought that you might have to

Outside we were in the sun
Brightly shining all-exposing
Standing in front of our home
It was there I bade you speak

Beating heart  Here was my chance
But where do I begin?
So I chose these simple words
"What have you seen?"

I had thoughts of what you'd say
Tales of glory  Tales of praise
Tales of shining like the stars
Tales of diving in His heart

Tales of looking face to face
Beholding Him so full of grace
Tales of fire  Tales of gloom
Tales that He is coming soon

Answers to the questions why
You'd stepped over  You had died
Tales you'd been partaking of
The powers of the age to come

Tales of traversing dimensions
Total freedom of expression
What it's like around His throne
What new name was on your stone

I had concepts for I've seen
Glimpses of eternity
But I knew it was best told
By one who had walked that road

Listening with open ears
Waiting with anticipation
I observed your deep reflection
Somberly you answered me,

Quite surprised by your response
Single second felt like ages
Holy Spirit waves of knowledge
Suddenly I understood

So much depth and so much wisdom
In this one word revelation
You beheld Him as He is and
Saw yourself just as you are

In a moment all was known
All you'd said  All you'd done
All exposed before the Son
And through the fire you had come

The closer that you got to God
The more of yourself was revealed
Your need of Him  Your nakedness
Your righteousness as filthy rags

You were there to tell me this
So obviously you survived
Clothed in light now full of glory
Cloaked in immortality

Full of peace and somehow yet
You had a bittersweet regret
You saw our time on earth as sacred
Nothing to be taken lightly

Righteous man you were indeed
Holy life for all to see
But now you saw the "better still"
And this is what had been revealed

I began to weigh my life
And best I could judge where I was
Is there need to make amends
Quickly now I must repent

Do I have a conscience clean
Where is it I've fallen short
I searched and searched longing to rid
Myself of any darkness hid

But as I sought none I could find
I'd faced my darkness many times
The best I know I am okay
I think I'm right with God today

I told you "I've made all things right"
And to this you made one reply
A simple question you returned
All you said was "Are you sure?"

Authority was in your voice
Truth that pierced my deepest heart
You spoke of things I did not know
And in the whirlwind I awoke

Welcome to reality
I tried and tried to fall asleep
But in holiness provoked
I kept hearing what you spoke

It played o'er a thousand times
In my heart and in my mind
Your voice sounded loud and true
And I was left with all but you

Awake  Awake  Awake am I
Back to the world where you have died
And I must face this grief and go
Down paths that I have never known

Further still I must go in
The Garden of Gethsemane
Not my will  I trust in Him
And drink the cup He has for me

Though He slay me I will love Him
I have nowhere else to go
It's He who has the words of life
Though sometimes they come in death

To think of all I've lost can't be
Compared to all you've gained
But still I'm here and you are there
And that brings me such pain

Until the day we meet again
My life will never be the same
But everyday I'm one day closer
Til I hear you say my name

In dream you came to me today
It brought me life to see your face
And to be with you was enough
But now you've gone back to above

Or maybe you're still here with me
Reminding me of all you've seen
"Myself" so that I'll be made pure
And speaking to me "Are you sure?"

© March 8, 2005 ~ Stacy Marie Trammell Walker


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