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This World Is Not My Home (by Larry Trammell)

This world is not my home- I'm just a stranger passin' through.

I'm here to love, obey, and know the Lord in all I say and do.


This present state of temporal things will soon all cease to be,

and then the unseen realm will be revealed eternally.


We have died and now our life is hid with Christ in God,

and it is for His glory only we live on this sod.


The hidden things of His great kingdom will all be revealed.

Yes, God Himself will manifest the things that are concealed.


Yet, even now, by faith we can perceive some unseen things

of Christ's eternal kingdom where He's been crowned King of kings.


But the more we are caught up in earthly things and lusts and cares,

the less we will be able to receive all that Christ shares.


For fleshly longings and pursuits do war against the soul

and can slow us down in our pursuit just when we're on a roll.


Yes, loving this world clouds the mind and makes the spirit dull

so that instead of being hot for God, we sink down in a lull.


Oh, let us cast off all the weights that from God hold us back.

We have all we need, for in Christ we shall never, ever lack.


Instead, in Jesus Christ there's power to walk in victory,

steadfast, always triumphant over every enemy

of Jesus Christ, His death, His resurrection from the dead,

and all that would deny that He's the Church's only Head.


So come, let us arise and set our hearts on things above,

Where Jesus Christ awaits us in His realm of light and love.


Immovable, let us pursue Him and complete the race,

So that we will look forward to the day we see His face.


For all who lay aside all else to live for Him alone,

shall know the joy of loving Him forever at His throne.


© December 18, 1994 ~ Larry Trammell


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