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Playing The Piano Can Improve Your Child's Self-Esteem

A McGill University study (Costa-Giomi, 1999) found that children who had taken three years of piano instruction had significantly higher self-esteem than children who were not enrolled in piano lessons. These results were not related to family income, sex, family structure, or parental employment. In addition to piano lessons, students in this study owned a new piano, played in recitals, and received individual attention from a caring teacher. While these elements could also have had an impact on the improvement in self-esteem, the overall effect of piano instruction could not be disputed.

Source: Dr. Eugenia Costa-Giomi, "The McGill Piano Project: Effects of three years of piano instruction on children's cognitive abilities, academic achievement, and self-esteem," presented at the meeting of the Music Educators National Conference, Phoenix, AZ, April, 1998



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